Momma's Words
Poetry by Lillian



Lillian Fox

Lord, this day I didn’t do anything for Thee –

Forgive me, Lord, you know – how neglectful I can be.

Am I afraid to witness for fear that I may, somehow –

Be thought to be by others “holier than thou”?

On encountering others, Lord, who are so miserably bereft –

I feel compassion and tears for them, a need to share myself.

Lord, I know more is needed, more of me that I should do –

If I’m to walk along life’s way – HAND and HAND with YOU.

Silently I kneel, Dear Lord, beside my earthly bed –

But, within my heart is a void, because of words unsaid.

Lord, please give me wisdom to do my best –

And give me that special strength, needed to stand the test.

Diane Fox Pasel

The Armer Family