Best Granddaughter Maw-Maw Has

Hey guys, I'm not honestly sure what I'm suppose to be putting here so DON'T LAUGH!!! News coming from Curtis's clan: Lavette is a Senior in college and has made the Dean's list just about every semester since she started...I'm not proud or anything! Karah is low man at MSU as a freshman, but actually has classes with some family members.....Jill and Ricky Kyle is a senior in high school and is extremely gorgeous. The rest of the clan is working hard and NOT winning any lotto's! Mom and dad are getting old, and you can tell that by the fact that their youngest granddaughter (Michaela)started 1st grade this year! Well since I wasn't sure what to put in here, I better make it short as to give no one extra information to make fun of me! I hope all is well and I'm looking forward to our next reunion! GO SAINTS!!!!!!!!!

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